Scarf Jackets

Spot clean or professional dry clean recommended. Scarf jackets can be hand washed with cold water and delicate silk detergent. Hang to dry when hand washing.

Star and Tie Jackets, Scarf Patched Denim and Accessories

Spot clean or professional dry clean only.  

Raw Silk Garments

Hand or delicate wash separately or professional dry clean. Always use cold water, silk detergent, and low spin. Hang to dry.

Please note – the way you clean raw silk will impact the appearance and texture. If you want to maintain the texture at purchase we recommend professional dry cleaning. Hand washing and delicate machine washing will soften the texture and may cause fading and streaking to the fabric (this is how our founder wears hers – lived in chic!). If you decide to hand or machine was cold and hang to dry, the silk will be rigid once dry. You can air tumble with no heat to soften it back up (wool dryer balls help too).